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NAHN is a Butte-based nonprofit organization that specializes in assisting aspiring homeowners to help build their home in an affordable way. Families or individuals who would love to own a new home but can’t afford to be a homeowner the traditional way are who we work with.

The homeowner and their household must participate in the construction of their home and the homes of others in their building group, completing up to 65% of the work themselves and with other volunteers. There is no experience necessary, but you must be willing to do what you can as much as you can. Households are strongly encouraged to invite friends and family to help. Our staff provides instruction and oversight for all tasks. Builds usually take about 1 year, but vary depending on various factors, particularly household participation.

Homeowners will choose design elements of their home like interior and exterior paint color and finishes, cabinets, flooring, counter tops, and light fixtures. The size of your home as well as extra elements like a garage or basement will depend on your income and budget. If it’s in your budget then we will help you do it.

Every home is all electric and built to high energy efficiency standards. Our homes are extremely well insulated and include energy saving features like an air ventilation system (HRV) that also contributes to a healthy environment. With proper use, you can expect very reasonable utility bills, adding to the affordability of your new home.

Your home loan (called the 502 Direct) is offered by the USDA Office of Rural Development and features interest rates that are based on your income and as low as 1% with payback terms of 33 or 38 years. There is no down payment. Your labor (referred to as “sweat equity”) is considered your down payment.

Qualification is based on household income. Households cannot earn more than the amounts in the grids below (this number varies by household size and county). It’s important to consider all income sources when figuring out your number (things like social security payments, SNAP, and child support should be included in your total income).

1 Person2 People3 People4 People5 People6 People7 People8 People
Silver Bow$33,900$38,700$43,550$48,400$52,250$56,150$60,000$63,900

Please call our office at 406-782-8579 if you have any questions and complete our intake form  to begin the qualification process. After completing the online application, we will call to schedule an in person meeting, during which we’ll discuss the program and your eligibility in more detail.

You can own a brand new home that you can afford without sacrificing quality or comfort. You can have affordable monthly house payments. We are actively seeking those who want to build homes in Butte, Whitehall, and Boulder. Call us today!