Housing Counseling

NAHN is a HUD-approved housing counseling agency, offering a variety of no-cost services. We help people make more informed decisions about their housing options. Our housing counselors are certified to provide:

Whether due to financial mismanagement or events such as job loss or medical emergency, debt can quickly spin out of control. Recognizing that a problem exists may provide the first step you need to seek help and address your debt and credit issues. Timing is crucial in these matters, the sooner you reach out, the more likely our counselors can help you.

What is Housing Counseling?

The goals of housing credit counseling are to help individuals and families develop a workable budget, build their credit, and move toward mortgage readiness. Our counselors work towards this by taking a thorough look at all debt. Then, working to get debt and the use of credit under control. Credit counseling is not to be confused with debt settlement or credit repair; Credit counseling is an educational service. Our credit counselors will help you understand your financial situation, your credit report, your credit score, and how that score relates to your credit worthiness.

One-on-One Pre-Purchase Credit Counseling

NAHN’s credit counselors conduct personalized and confidential one-on-one counseling sessions tailored to each individual. We conduct free, comprehensive credit report and budget reviews and help the consumer develop short-term and long-term goals. Our counselors will implement an appropriate course of action follow-up to help ensure the client stays on track. The client is provided with educational materials and referrals as appropriate. Our counselors do not give advice nor promote specific products, features or programs. Our responsibility is to make you aware of your options. As well as help empower you with the information needed to make smart choices.

First-Time Home Buyers

Counseling includes the features of pre-purchase counseling in addition to evaluating down payment assistance programs, GAP financing, and assisting in application processes. First time home buyers may need assistance in locating and selecting housing, which NAHN can accommodate.

Delinquency Avoidance Counseling

Personal and confidential one-on-one counseling is offered in the following areas: Loss mitigation, budgeting and credit, restructuring debt, obtaining re-certification for mortgage subsidy, and establishing reinstatement plans. The counseling may include helping consumers affected by predatory lending, providing foreclosure prevention strategies, explaining the foreclosure process, or making referrals to other sources.

The earlier the counselor identifies the cause of default, the more likely it is that the default will be cured. This will result in the homeowner being able to retain ownership. Counseling should begin as soon as the loan becomes delinquent. The counselor will follow-up with clients until the default is corrected or the mortgage lender completes foreclosure and the client has found alternate housing.

Post Purchase Credit Counseling

After the buyer purchases a home, personal and confidential one-on-one or group counseling are offered. These sessions cover things like home maintenance and financial management, escrow funds, budgeting, refinancing, home equity, home improvements, utility costs, and energy efficiency.

If needed, NAHN counselors can provide assistance on accessibility codes. Counselors can also provide advice on how to design features to provide accessibility for persons with disabilities.

To enroll in NAHN Housing or Credit Counseling, please follow the link below to complete our form. Once received, staff will follow up with you for an appointment.

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NAHN offers several housing options which include: Self Help, Self Help Light, Habitat for Humanity, and NSP3. NAHN’s credit counseling service is independent from, and complementary to, the housing options. Our counseling service is available to any potential home buyer or renter regardless of your housing choice.

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