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Mountain Views in all Directions

Mountain Horizons Solar Subdivision is a long term project that combines the programs and efforts of National Affordable Housing Network (NAHN), Habitat for Humanity of Southwest Montana, local contractors, community members, organizations, and volunteers. NAHN and Habitat have completed 7 homes to date and more housing is underway in 2021 in this development. The Mountain Horizons subdivision offers unparalleled 360 degree mountain views nestled in beautiful Whitehall, Montana. NAHN is offering housing opportunities through our Mutual Self Help Housing Program where families complete 65% or more of their home as part of a build team that works together on one another’s homes. Start your application today to begin working towards your home in the Whitehall Mountain Horizons Subdivision!

Features of Mountain Horizons

Mountain Horizons is a spacious, solar-designed neighborhood with stylish, passive solar super-insulated designs, ready for affordable solar electric systems. Lots include:

Multiple high-performance home designs are available to choose from in a variety of sizes with flexible interior layouts and homeowner’s choice of colors and finishes. Options include carports and full solar energy systems.

Mountain Horizons Solar Subdivision combines the Build-a-Home process with traditional, contractor-built homes. This means there are multiple opportunities for anyone interested in owning a new, energy efficient home with beautiful mountain views in the charming city of Whitehall, Montana. Mountain Horizons is a multi-year project with a few homes built at a time, depending on the number of interested and ready buyers, until the subdivision is complete.

We encourage interested parties of all income levels to inquire. Homes are usually built with a specific owner in mind, so contact us early if interested. Before contacting us, please check the income grid for Jefferson County at the bottom of this page to determine if your income qualifies for special affordable financing.

The Mountain Horizon Subdivision is a signature housing project in Montana. National Affordable Housing Network, with more than 20 years of service, and its project partners are fair housing providers and equal opportunity employers, serving all legal residents over 18 years of age. All families or individuals are eligible, regardless of race, disability, age, sex, marital status, family size, retirement status, or religion.


The Mountain Horizons Subdivision is located in northwestern Whitehall within the city limits and in close proximity to city schools. The subdivision is located off of McNulty Way and Skyline Drive in Whitehall as seen in the map below.

Whitehall, Montana - Google Maps

Seen below are the Subdivision lot sizes and layouts. Note that the condominiums will be located on the larger outer lots. Remember: this map is conceptual. The homes are built as buyers are approved, so not all of these homes exist yet:

Mountain Horizons Whitehall Subdivision Layout, bird's eye view

Jefferson County Income Guidelines

Yearly combined family income before taxes must be less than these numbers to qualify for special affordable financing and to participate in Build a Home.

1 Person2 People3 People4 People5 People6 People7 People8 People
Grant Income$17,700$20,200$22,750$25,250$27,300$29,300$31,350$33,350
Very Low Income$42,100$42,100$42,100$42,100$55,600$55,600$55,600$55,600
Low Income$67,350$67,350$67,350$67,350$88,900$88,900$88,900$88,900

Contact us at 406-782-8579, nahn@nahn.com or complete the “Apply Now” form below.

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