Renovating the Phoenix Building

National Affordable Housing Network is proud to announce that we are working alongside Butte-Silver Bow to provide affordable housing in Butte’s historic Phoenix building! The plans for renovating the Phoenix Building have been developed over the last several years, but the time is right to begin the work. The upper floors will be converted into 15 affordable housing units. These floors will require an extensive amount of work. Therefore, the housing will not be ready for several years. Regardless of the long road ahead, we could not be more excited about the project in front of us.

As many of you may know the NAHN office is located on the second floor of the Phoenix building. The physical proximity to this project makes it particularly special to us. We want to make this building as important to this community as it once was. We will be implementing the knowledge used in our award-winning housing plans to make these new housing units as energy-efficient and affordable as possible. This is a big project for uptown Butte and BSB as a whole. We are proud to be leading this effort and making a positive impact on our community. Make sure to follow along with progress updates as we begin renovating the phoenix building. Like us on Facebook to see updates as they become available.

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