Mother’s Day and Mutual Self Help

Happy Mother’s Day! In honor of the holiday, National Affordable Housing Network has decided to dedicate an article to the impact that our Mutual Self Help Housing Program has had on many families that are led by strong women and amazing mothers. Many of the families that build through our Mutual Self Help Housing Program, with the help of Habitat for Humanity of Southwest Montana, are single mothers and rely on a working mother to help stay afloat financially. 

As we are sure many of our readers are aware, being a single mother is a very tiring and rewarding life to live. When financial difficulties are thrown into the mix, the situation can become that much more difficult. Through our Mutual Self Help Housing Program, NAHN helps mothers and their families into safe, energy-efficient, and affordable homes that they can all be proud to show to their friends and family. By saving on labor cost through mutual self help, we are able to reduce the cost of the mortgage significantly. Pair that with the ability to receive a low interest mortgage through our close ties with the USDA and you get a manageable mortgage payment. Not only do we help these mother’s put a roof over their family’s heads, but with the help of our outstanding credit counselors, we help equip these families with tools to improve their budgeting and money management skills through our Credit Counseling Program so that they can improve their financial situation overall.

If you would like to apply for any of these free services through National Affordable Housing Network, fill out our New Client Intake Form. Click here to learn more about NAHN as an organization and why the work that we do is so important. If you would like to help Habitat for Humanity of Southwest Montana continue to provide affordable housing to our community, fill out their volunteer sign-up sheet. Thank you for reading, remember to check back for a new article soon!