Budget Counseling

National Affordable Housing Network (NAHN) has two amazing, HUD-certified credit counselors on our staff. They are here to help you analyze your situation and provide meaningful resources toward the path to financial stability through our Credit Counseling program. One vital piece of that free service is teaching the applicant how to create and follow a budget.

Budgeting counseling is an amazing opportunity to take a step back, understand what is happening with your finances and create a plan to meet your goals. This portion of our credit counseling program usually requires a lifestyle change for the applicant. Once a person’s spending habits are put on paper it can be very surprising to see how much money is being used on unnecessary and unplanned spending. Our counselors can help you develop a budget and teach you ways to better manage your funds, but it is ultimately up to you to spend your hard-earned money according to that budget to see real results. 

NAHN offers many forms of financial assistance and paths to homeownership. Many of our programs, including credit counseling, are available to anyone who believes they could benefit from our help. If you think you could benefit from free Credit Counseling through NAHN fill out our New Applicant Form. Also check out our other programs.