Are You Eligible for Help from NAHN? YES!

Are you thinking about contacting National Affordable Housing Network (NAHN) to apply for a program or schedule a credit counseling appointment, but are unsure if you qualify? This short article should clear up any confusion. NAHN has multiple programs to help people meet their financial goals and gain financial stability. Our primary program, credit counseling, is free of charge and available to anyone, regardless of income. Our mutual self-help housing program does have an income limitation and requires you to meet with a credit counselor. Our buy-a-home program also requires that you meet with a credit counselor, but does not have any income restrictions. If your monetary situation has been complicated due to the ongoing pandemic, you need help with managing your budget, or want to become a homeowner but are restricted by a low-income, please contact us today. Over the next couple of weeks, our blog will dive deeper into each of our programs individually. Stay tuned!