What Is Self Help Homeownership? A Team Of Families Building Together!

The Mutual Self Help homeownership program empowers families to purchase their own brand new home by doing a large part of the construction themselves.

A self help build is for folks from different walks of life that have a few things in common – the dream of owning a home, a hardworking spirit, and the willingness to be part of a goal-oriented team.

Does this sound like you? Then keep reading!


Mutual Self Help provides an opportunity for you to own a home that is entirely yours:

  • You own it. Self help families must be approved for a mortgage and make regular payments. Families work hard to be approved for self help home financing. Each family must attend housing credit counseling sessions with a HUD-certified credit counselor, offered at no-cost from the NAHN office, plus a homebuyer’s education class.
  • You designed it. Once approved, a budget is created that you must work within, but still allows for the freedom of choosing what’s important to you in your home. You pick everything from light fixtures to the color of the walls.
  • You built it. With the help and supervision of project staff and construction professionals, each family in the build group works on each other’s homes simultaneously. Friends, family members, and other volunteers are encouraged to lend a hand whenever possible to help meet your goals.

Not many people can say they know their home is well built because they watched it come together; because they helped hammer the nails that hold it together. In Butte and Whitehall, Montana, this is possible! Pre-applications are accepted year-round from interested families and individuals. Complete the form here to receive more information or call (406) 782-8579.