New Energy Efficient Homes For Sale in Butte!

Two single family homes and two townhome units are now for sale to income qualified applicants. Each is a brand new construction project recently completed and ready to become home to a family or individual.

11 E Center | 15 E Center | 623 W Granite | 627 W Granite

Affordable homes in Butte can be difficult to come by, but due to their unique design features, the occupants of these homes can expect some of the lowest utility bills in town. Each new home has the following features:


  • Super insulation – extra thick walls hold much more insulation than traditionally built homes, which means it takes less energy to keep the house warm.

  • Radiant cove heating – located high on the wall, this highly efficient heating system mimics the feel of the sun, eliminates drafts, and allows the home to feel warmer at lower temperature settings. The placement of the heater also opens up wall and floor space, allowing for more flexibility in furniture layout.

  • Heat recovery ventilator – provides a constant flow of fresh air into the home while capturing heat from the warm exiting air, further reducing the cost of heating the home.

  • Electric fireplace – provides an extra bit of warmth and ambience when desired

Why purchase a home that needs a ton of work and will cost you hundreds of dollars to heat when you can own a brand new home, with money saving energy efficient features like these!

See a complete listing of NSP homes for sale in Butte here, and for more information on how to qualify click here.

NAHN is an equal housing opportunity provider.

11 E Center

11 E Center


15 E Center

15 E Center


623/627 W Granite

623/627 W Granite

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