Progress Continues in Mountain Horizons Whitehall. Opportunities Still Available!

Last month four super insulated slab on grade foundations were completed in Mountain Horizons, Whitehall’s newest neighborhood. This month, frames stand on two of those foundations. Contractors will continue working on these houses over the coming days and weeks, and soon the families that will call this place home will begin earning sweat equity in their home by helping with the construction. These first two families in this unique project are paving the way for many families to come. Follow the action here on our blog or like our facebook page to watch these unique houses come together.


Opportunities Are Still Available

If you are interested in owning a brand new high performance home in Whitehall, MT please contact us to find out about the many opportunities that are still available for a very wide range of incomes.

It is not too late to qualify for this round of construction! We offer multiple house plans to choose from, including single family homes and duplexes. Lots are available for Mutual Self Help, Self Help Lite, and Contractor Built homes.


If you’re not sure what you might qualify for then sign up here or call 406-782-8579 to speak with one of our experienced HUD-certified credit counselors. They can help you determine which program fits your budget and needs and guide you through the application process. If you credit needs repair, they can help you with that too! This service is confidential, one-on-one, open to anyone regardless of income, and always at no cost to you.

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