New series of self-help homes Launching in Butte, Whitehall


Families are joining forces to launch home building efforts in Butte and Whitehall, making choices and getting ready to build high performance passive solar homes, homes with features of the future. Homes with mountain views are going up in several Butte locations and the new Mountain Horizons solar subdivision recently annexed to Whitehall.

Homebuyers can qualify for financing programs that make these homes affordable – for about the same as most people are paying for rent. Building with the team earns valuable sweat equity, meaning most families make no cash down payment.

The first step is to enroll in NAHN’s free credit counseling program, open to all regardless of income level. Get a copy of your credit report at Next, when credit allows, apply for qualifying mortgages and join savings programs.P1020529

Next, a home site and house plan

are selected, energy and solar features detailed, and team building underway. and construction with the team goes on until completion of the group of homes.

Our housing and credit counseling service is certified by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. With your effort, you can help repair past credit mistakes and pave the way to become qualified for a mortgage loan.

While “sweat equity” helps lower the overall construction costs, the NAHN superinsulated designs and construction methods insure these homes will be affordable in the future since monthly energy bills are slashed to a fraction of what most homeowners are accustomed to paying.

WSS-2013-09-05-PA - 6In Whitehall, NAHN is taking energy-efficient home development to the next level. The Mountain Horizons development features seven solar-ready designs to choose from, designed, built and oriented to become Montana’s first affordable solar subdivision making net zero homes within reach of the average family.

Prices for the single-family and condominium options are in the estimated range of $123,000 to $180,000 (based on self-help sweat equity during construction). Housing advice and credit counseling are also available for prospective Mountain Horizons residents at no charge. Solar lending in Whitehall may assist homebuyers.

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Todd Hunkler


Todd is the Construction Project Manager at National Affordable Housing Network.