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Self Help Homes for Sale in Butte and Whitehall (Some Assembly Required)

In the February post we talked about our free credit counseling program. A credit counseling session is the first step for applicants in each of our homeownership programs. The first, which we also previously covered, consists of available, existing homes for sale ...

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No-Cost Housing Credit Counseling

Last month in the blog we took a look at the brand new (and like new) homes available for sale. These existing homes are available to anyone that makes less than the program specific income limits listed. They are already built, ...

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Available Homes for Sale (no assembly required)

Happy 2016! To start the year off, I'll be repeating a blog series I posted back in August to introduce you to the great services available at National Affordable Housing Network (NAHN). Each is important and unique and I want ...

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Spotlight on: Superinsulated Homes

  Throughout the month of August we are highlighting the programs and services offered by National Affordable Housing Network (NAHN). Each is important and unique and we want to be certain that our readers are aware of all of the great ...