WHY live on the Butte Hill?

Charm, style, visual beauty.

Neighborhoods in Uptown Butte have other advantages that are often overlooked. For example, the Hill makes it easier to be energy efficient. It is a different climate than the Flat, with about four degrees average warmer temperatures, based on measurements taken on buildings and weather stations. (Cold-air inversions are mostly experienced in the valley.) The Hill has exceptional solar access that warms the dense, masonry construction. In addition, the Hill is close to Montana Tech, St. James Hospital and many other businesses in the Uptown area, for those who wish to walk, bike or take the BSB bus. The Hill also offers prime views of the grandeur of the Highlands, the East Ridge and the Pintlers. The charm, style and visual beauty of the architecture is matched by the spectacular long-distance views.

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Todd Hunkler


Todd is the Construction Project Manager at National Affordable Housing Network.